Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People

Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People
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January 12, 2010

Dunton, James Cyrus and Eliza Ann Prothero

The family was from Paragonah .  James Cyrus was born 19 October 1855 at Parowan, Iron, Utah. He died 17 September 1931.  He married Eliza Ann 31 October 1877.  She was born 7 January 1861 Paragoonah, Utah
Children going on the trek: James Albert and Mary Alice.

James Dunton is mentioned on pp. 99, 167, and 177 in Miller's Hole in the Rock book.  He was the son of James Harvey Dunton.  Harvey Dunton returned to the Hole in the Rock party with George Hobbs so he could check on his son James C. Dunton who was with the Hole in the Rock Party. James C. also had a son names James R.
The Duntons settled at Peak City (now Aneth). They were washed out by the river the following year and they left the area.
Harvey Dunton helped his son, James, on the Hole in the Rock route for a distance, then went back home to get his second wife Mary Ann and 3 children.
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