Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People

Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People
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January 9, 2010

Hunter, David Murie and Sarah Jane Urie

The Hunters were from Cedar City.
Miller states on p. 80, that "Mrs. Dave Hunter" (along with the Perkins, Joneses et. al) was a very good singer. In The Undaunted p. 799, Lund states that David and Sarah were a young couple without children and that they returned to Cedar City along with George and Alice Urie (her brother?) before June 1880; however, the Hunters, came back to Bluff in 1884.

"One story about Montgomery’s great-grandson, David Muirie Hunter and his wife, Sarah Jane Urie. They were part of what is called the “Hole in the Wall” wagon train – they were chosen by the Mormon leadership to go southern Utah canyon country with a group of other Mormons to found a new town in the southern wilderness. They went by ox and wagon, traveling through country that is remote and takes a 4-wheel drive vehicle today. They had to cross the Colorado River. In order the get the wagons down off the cliffs, they blasted a “hole” and lowered the wagons with ropes. It was quite a feat. They settled the little town of Bluff, Utah, then returned to Cedar City, Utah later" (Japps of Scotland Website).

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