Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People

Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People
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January 12, 2010

Dunton, Marius Ensign and Emily Hadden

Marius was born 26 May 1857, Parowan, Iron Co., Utah.  His parents were  James Harvey DUNTON, Mother: Martha Jane MCKEE .  He was a brother to James Cyrus, also on the Trek.
 Emily HADDEN was born 23 Oct 1861, Parowan, Iron Co., Utah.  they married 26 May 1877 in Parowan, Iron, (or St. George) Utah.  She died in 1946.
Children on the trek were:
Marius Alfred DUNTON born 9 Mar 1878, Paragonah, Iron Co., Utah.  Died in 1951
James Harvey DUNTON was born 31 Jan 1880, Paragonah, Iron Co., Utah, died 1937.
Those born later: Mary Pricilla DUNTON, Lewis Edward DUNTON, Thomas Ruben DUNTON, Parley Pratt DUNTON

Story about Marius Dunton: In 1882, two years after Mary Ann (Barker Dunton)  had left Parowan, her four older girls went to Colorado. They were taken as passengers with a group that was going to Colorado. Progress was so slow that they covered most of the distance on foot, keeping behind the advance guard of horsemen and ahead of the slow-moving wagons. Mary considered this trip the adventure of her life. She never tired of telling about it and of the thrill of crossing the Colorado River on a ferry boat. They crossed the river at Lee’s Ferry and it was said they enjoyed the crossing so much that they went back on the empty ferry and crossed a second time. Kate said of the trip, "Emma and I rode with Marius Dunton, Mr. Dunton’s second son. Sade and Mary paid $20.00 each to ride with a family named Rolly. I had an easy trip, because I got to sleep in the wagon nights with Mrs. Rolly and her baby. It was my job to keep him in bed mornings, while Mrs. Rolly [Rowley?] prepared breakfast. He was a cute baby. The entire trip took us about a month." They arrived in Mancos shortly before Christmas.

Kate said, "Mr. Dunton met our wagon train at Bluff City. When we got close to home, Mr. Dunton told me of a turn-off ahead and said to follow it till I came to a big gate and that was where we were to live. . . [more on link site]

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