Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People

Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People
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January 12, 2010

Goddard, Sidney

Sidney C. Goddard was borm Oct. 1, 1858 at Payson, Utah.  He was the son of William Pettibone and Mary Ann Pace Goddard, and the grandson of James Pace, Jr.  Sidney owned and operated the Goddard Ranch located eight miles northwest of New Harmony and four miles south of the Page Ranch.  The Page Ranch is located on the road from Cedar City to Pinto  He was the younger brother of  of William Pace Goddard.
   People frequently traveled through the area that eventually became the Goddard/Grant Ranch because it was too rough to get wagons down the Black Ridge from Harmony.  The only safe way to travel was to use the California Road from Cedar City via Mountain Meadows to Santa Clara.
     When Sidney was about 20 years old, he was called to help settle the SE Utah area designated as the San Juan Mission.  He accompanied a number of other men from New Harmony, including his brother William, John Hardison Pace, Wilford Woodruff Pace, Lemuel Hardison Redd Jr. , Edmund Taylor and Henry Westover.  Sidney lived in San Juan and in Pleasanton, New Mexico for 17 years before he returned to New Harmony.
   Apparently Sidney never married.  He lived on the ranch year round, raising and cutting hay and corn to feed cattle, horses and pigs. He once raised a fawn to a two-point buck.  It liked to lie by the fireplace in his front room.  One day its hair must have caught on fire, for it jumped up and crashed through the glass window.  Although it has been a pet for more than two years, the deer left that fall and never came back.
   Sidney became friendly with Edmund and Emily Grant, who were about his age.  Later on, their son LeRoy became his partner running the ranch.  Roy then obtained the Clarence Goddard place, and the Pace meadow, and together they formed the Goddard-Grant Ranch.
    In the fall of 1923, Sidney, Roy, and Jim Neilson were hauling wood for the winter.  They had been working hard to get the wagons loaded and finally sat down to rest on a log.  Suddenly Sidney, slid off the log to the ground.  He died instantly at the age of 67, presumably from aheart attack.
    He left his ranch to Emily Adair Grant.  Her son, LeRoy lived on the ranch and operated it.
Death: 9 Nov 1925 - Washington, Utah, United States
(Information compiled by Shelton "B" Grant and Kay Daun Pace Edwards in The Harmony Valley and New Harmony, Utah -- History and Memories)  Information provided by Robert S. Casper, Houston, Tx July 2017)

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