Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People

Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People
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January 7, 2010

McGreggor, Adelbert F.

Notes from Kumen Jones journal: From Cedar City: Robert Bullock, John C. Duncan, John Gower, Thomas Bladen, George Perry, George Urie, Kumen Jones, H. J. Nielson, James L. Davis and family. From Parowan: Harrison H. Harriman and family, George Hobbs, James B. Decker, Isaac Allan, Adelbert McGreggor, Hanson Bayles, P. R. Butt, Zacheriah Decker, Nelson Dalley, John C. Dalton, and sometime later John Buttler from Panguitch and Hamilton Thornton from Pinto Creek, joined the party on the San Juan River.

More information needed!

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