Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People

Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People
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January 9, 2010

Jones, Kumen and Mary Nielson Jones

Five Stars ***** to the Kumen Jones family for their wonderful web site.  http://kumenjones.org/
Not only did Kumen keep good records of his life, but took the time to write wonderful observations about the trek to San Juan, and also tributes to other pioneers, his parents, wives and children.  This is a wonderful model for other Hole-in-the-Rock families to follow.

Kumen Jones: 5 May-1856 -- 11 Jun-1942  (Died at age 86)
Kumen was a member of the first scouting party and the first Hole-in-the-Rock company.  He is esteemed highly in the pioneer history of San Juan.  He was born in Cedar City, May 5, 1856.  He was taught the old Welsh ballads by his mother Sage Treharne Jones.  When his father died, he and his brother Lehi helped their mother with the four younger children and worked to provide a livelihood for the family.  He and Lehi carried the mail on horseback to Bullion, Nevada for 3 years.  He then went into the cattle business and prospered in it.  It was at this time he fell in love with Mary Nielson, daughter of Jens and Elsie Nielson, who were from Denmark.  They were married in the St. George Temple, Dec. 19, 1879.  The next year in April 1879 he was called to join the inital exploring party into the San Juan Country.  He was gone five months, and after returning was only home long enough to prepare for the long trek back to San Juan with the full company.  Kumen was a cheerful mainstay and helpto the colonizers (Saga of San Juan p. 314-315).  Please read more on his web site.

Mary Nielson Jones:   Born 3 Oct-1858 -- Died 28 Feb-1933 
Married: 19 Dec-1878.  After arriving in Bluff in April 1880 the two worked hand in hand to help the new settlement grow.  The couple had no children, but Mary was promised in a blessing given by her father Jens Nielson, that she would have a son, if she consented to her husband taking a 2nd wife.  This blessing was not fulfilled until 1889 when their only child, Leonard was born.  She was a mother of many, however, as Kumen's 2nd wife Lydia May Lyman, died becasue of a tragic fire in 1906, and Mary raised May's 10 children as well.

Kumen's Desciption of his wife Mary.  . . .Aunt Mary started out in life from childhood with a sympathetic nature, and early in young womanhood fell heir to the prefix "Aunt" to her name, about everyone using it, even cowboy strangers, "Drummers" (now called "traveling salesmen," etc., and Stamoskezy by the Indians), with whom she served as store keeper and also as a nurse in times of sickness and trouble for many years. For in these misfortunes she served all alike without regard to color or station; many times going into the hogans of Indians on her mission of mercy. She has held office in all Church organizations that are open for women to hold from Primary to Stake President of the Relief Society, which position she held for several years. She worked in the San Juan Co-op store for about 35 years as saleswoman; helped run a dairy several seasons in early pioneer days.

     The biggest job and one that shows the bigness of her heart is the most wonderful way she took over the children of my honored wife, Lydia May, unselfishly mothering and caring for them and their every need; and they with myself should honor her for the noble life-long service rendered to our motherless children.

Lydia May Lyman Jones:      Born 1 May-1865 -- Died 17 Apr-1906       Married: 2 Dec-1882  (she came to San Juan after 1880)
Lydia May ws the daughter of Amasa M. Lyman and Lydia Partridge Lyman.  May was born in Fillmore, May 1 1864.  She was a fine dressmaker and seamstress.  She was also a good housekeeper and cook.  She and Mary became very good friends and loved each other.  May and Kumen had 10 children, only one being a girl, named Mamie.  The boys who survived infancy were Stanley, Thomas, Marvin, Leland, Marion, Alma and Francis.  When May was 42 she was severly burned and died from the effects of the fire.

Kumen's testimony of the San Juan Mission
Kumen Jones'http://www.bluffutah.org/tour/jones.htm home in Bluff

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