Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People

Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People
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January 18, 2010

"Lost" Need To Be "Found"

If you are successful in finding new information or photos of "lost pioneers" from the Hole-in-the-Rock company, please e-mail it to either of the contacts below.  Please include documentation as to where you found the information. Addition history about those with no data would be especially valuable.
jwilcox42@gmail.com  or hnrtrek2010@gmail.com

Consider going onto Family Search to track down ancestors and other lost pioneers.

These are the ones on the roll who are still "MIA" missing in action:  1. Barnes, Noah   2. Christensen, Peter 3. Christensen, Lars  4. Dailey, Milton and  5. Mary Malinda Wilson, Children:  6. Marion and  7. Madalene  8. Echles, Andrew 9. Gurr, William Herber and 10 Anna  11. Hansen, Lars J. 12. Margaret and  13. Leonard  14. Johnson, James, 15. Lotte  16. James Marrion Jr. 17. John 18. Muny, Joseph  19. Nelson, Peter Albert  20. Pace, Wilford Woodruff 21. Perry, George E. 22. Robb, John Rowlandson 23. and Sarah Ann Edwards 24. Robb, William  25. and Ellen Stones,  26. son William 27. Roner, Jacob 428. Smith, John Aitkens  29. and Emily Jane Bennett  30. Smith, Samuel 31. Smith, Silas Jr. 32. and Betsy Williamson 33. Walden, George 34. Walker, Joseph 35. Webster, Francis 36. Westwood, George  37. Wilson, Henry 38. Woolsey, Joseph Smith
PLUS 60 or more children of record for whom we have little information!

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Melissa said...

This is awesome! Jared and I are a Ma & Pa for the trek. We are so excited and this info is overwhelmingly great! A big thank you for all your hard work!