Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People

Hole-in-the-Rock Landmarks and People
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January 5, 2010

Woolsey, Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith Woolsey Born 8 May 1844 in  Nauvoo, Il, died 30 April 1922, Stafford AZ, buried in Thatcher, AZ. His Father was James Hopkins Woolsey, mother was Lovina Patterson.

Joseph Woolsey came from Panguitch with Amasa Lyman Jr. to help build the road and bring food. Since there was not adequate amounts of cheese and pork to distribute to all 250 people, they decided to auction it off. Thus the name Cheese Camp stuck for this site (Hole in the Rock by Miller, p 126).
He married Mary Nielson (Larsen) on Oct. 22, 1864.  She was born.17 Mar 1846-SB, Soro ,Denmark and died.30 Aug 1910-Thatcher, Graham, Arizona)

Had a daughter Laura May Woolsey born 3 Sept. 1883 Bluff City, UT. Also other children older and younger than Laurie. Younger children born in AZ.
Thanks to Michelle Mccarl (mccarlfamily@gmail.com) for providing this genealogical information:
#3 individuals are Joseph and Mary's children. 
 Level #4 are their grandchildren.
3. Joseph Henry WOOLSEY- (b.6 Sep 1867 Beaverdam, Washington,Utah; d.21 Sep 1928-Safford,Graham,Arizona)
sp: Maude DALTON- (b.22 Apr 1883-SNP, Graham, Arizona; m.12 Jan 1902;d.14 Jul 1962-Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona)
4. Viona WOOLSEY- (b.27 Oct 1902)
4. Pearl A. WOOLSEY- (b.28 Aug 1904-Safford, Graham, Arizona; d.3 Sep 1923-,Bernalillo,New Mexico)
4. Mary WOOLSEY- (b.22 Jun 1906-Safford, Graham, Az)
4. Nancy WOOLSEY- (b.24 May 1907Safford,Graham,Az)
4. Josephine WOOLSEY- (b.24 May 1909-Safford,Graham, Az)
4. Joseph Heber WOOLSEY-(b.10 May 1911-Safford, Graham, Az)  sp: Edna Dorothy ALEXANDER- (b.19 Jul 1917-Thatcher,Graham,Arizona;m.6 Jul 1934)
4. Theodore Forrest WOOLSEY- (b.24 Mar 1914-Safford,Graham,Arizona)
4. Elva Maud WOOLSEY-(b.15 May 1916-Safford,Graham,Arizona)
4. Loie Wanda WOOLSEY- (b.3 Aug 1918-Safford,Graham,Arizona)
4. Nettie Rachel WOOLSEY-(b.30 Nov 1920-Safford,Graham,Arizona;d.13 May 1923-,Grant,New Mexico)
4. Mildred Jenette WOOLSEY- (b.25 Dec 1922-Safford,Graham,Arizona)
4. Lenora May WOOLSEY-4 (b.1 May 1925-Safford,Graham,Arizona)
4. Robert Gordon WOOLSEY-(b.29 Aug 1927-Safford,Graham,Arizona)

3. Mary Elva WOOLSEY(b.3 May 1869-St. Thomas,Clark,Nevada;d.1 Feb 1948-Phoenix, Maricopia, Arizona)  sp: Charles Newton ADAIR- (b.13 Jan 1865;m.19 Mar 1888;d.17 Aug 1939-,Catron,New Mexico)
4.  Byron ADAIR (b.2 Dec 1892;d.29 Aug 1969-,Catron,New Mexico); sp: Mabel R.  (b.31 May 1898;d.2 Mar 1929-, Catron,New Mexico)
4. Arthur Clinton ADAIR- (b.1912;d.1996-,Catron,New Mexico)

3. Lavina Jane WOOLSEY-(b.4 Apr 1871-Pine Valley,Utah;d.23 Dec 1961-Duarte,Los Angeles,California)
sp: Benjamin W. OLNEY-17225 (b.Abt 1867-of Solomonville,Graham,Arizona;m.24 May 1892)

3. James Ira WOOLSEY- (b.17 Dec 1873-Panguitch,Garfield,Utah;d.17 Nov 1927-Fort Thomas,Graham,Arizona) sp: Helen Nell DALTON- (b.21 Dec 1887-Safford,G,Arizona;m.12 Jan 1903(Div); d.10 Mar 1964-Phoenix,M,Arizona)
4. Muriel Jean WOOLSEY  (b.21 Jan 1908/1909-Safford (Cactus),G,Arizona;d.1969-Canyonville,D,Oregon) sp: Thomas HERON-(m.(Div); sp: Guy ROCKWELL-; sp: Glen PEDIGO- (m.15 Nov 1933); sp: Rocky O'BRIEN-
4. Myrtle Jo WOOLSEY- (b.16 Nov 1910-Safford/Cactus,Graham,Arizona;d.Abt 1960-Marysville,Yuba,California) sp: Bartrom JENNINGS- (b.Abt 1908-Phoenix,Maricopa,Arizona;m.28 Sep 1928) sp: Murdith STANDRIDGE- (m.15 Nov 1933)
4. Ira Lavaun WOOLSEY- (b.3 Apr 1912-CaConnecticutus Flats,Graham,A,USA;d.14 Feb 1984-Phoenix,M,A,USA) sp: Mary Dorothy VESPER-25317 (b.26 May 1916-Jetmore,Hodgman,Kansas,USA;m.18 Jan 1934)
4. Ruby Nell WOOLSEY (b.14 Nov 1916-Safford,Graham,Arizona;d.1949-Venice,Los Angeles,California) sp: Alonzo "Jack" VAUGHN-38740
4. Heber Glendon WOOLSEY-(b.31 Oct 1917-Eaton,Graham,Arizona,USA;d.31 Oct 1918-Eaton,Graham,A,USA)

3.William Arthur Woolsey (1879-1954)

3. Lars Walter WOOLSEY Sr. (b.9 Dec 1876-Panquich,Garfield,Utah;d.23 Jun 1945-Mesa,Maricopa,Arizona)  sp: Dora May LEE-17227 (b.1 Nov 1890-Safford,Graham,Arizona;m.25 Dec 1908;d.18 Feb 1992)

3. Laura May Woolsey (1882-1948)
3. Carrie Deseret Woolsey (1884-1884)
3. George Delbert Woolsey (1886-1886)
NOTES: from Lynette Rasmussen: Joseph Smith Woolsey did come through Hole in the Rock, but not all of the accounts include his name. He was married with a family. My great grandmother, Lavina Jane Woolsey (Olney) was about 11 years old when her family came to your area. They later moved to Graham County, Arizona. There are a lot of Woolseys in Arizona. They are your relatives through Joseph Smith Woolsey.
Joseph Smith Woolsey married a Danish convert, Mary Larsen. In Denmark she was called Maren Nielsen because her father was Niels Larsen. So sometimes you will see her name Danish and sometimes English. It is the same person. She has an interesting conversion story as she joined the church at 16 and left her family behind in Denmark, immigrating with her uncle's family.

Joseph's mother< Abigail Sheaffer Woolsey, widow of James H. Woolsey, came across the plains as an older woman, aged in her sixties and died at the crossing of the Sweetwater River.
Note from Wilford W. Whitaker (wilfordwhitaker@yahoo.com) What beautiiful old pictures! I have forwarded them to the Hole-in-the-Rock museum for inclusion with the short biography I sent of Joseph Smith Woolsey and family.  I have been studying more on the Hole-in-the-Rock pioneers and I have learned that citizens of Escalante helped the pioneers on many occasions, sharing food, helping on the road work and just generally giving a helping hand when needed.

In checking the 1880 census of Escalante, I found Joseph Smith Woolsey and his family and also his brother James Brigham Woolsey and his family. It is very possible that your ancestor James Brigham Woolsey was one of those "helping hands", especially as his brother Joseph Smith Woolsey was one of the pioneers.
Joseph Smith Woolsey had a son born in Escalante and a daughter born in Bluff, and another daughter born on the Navaho reservation, and his last child was born in Arizona.
Woolsey web site: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~woolsey/index.html

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